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Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL
Brown Classic Tabby (MCO n22)
Born 8th March 2018
Sire Vivaldi Melluandia*PL
Dam Xperia Melluandia*PL

Coco has joined the Naughtypaw family all the way from Poland. We will be showing her locally over the next few months and will hopefully taking her to stud early next year. Check back soon for updates!!


Champion Naughtypaw Anastasia
Usual (Aby n)
Born 6th December 2010
Sire Grand Champion
Nishalka Khepri
Dam Champion Merrydancer Baillee
Now neutered and continuing to win judges hearts at local shows

Champion Merrydancer Baillee
Sorrel (Aby o)
Born 5th July 2007
Sire Grand Champion
Koperkat Drake Ramoray
Dam Highlight Jazmyne
Now neutered and retired